"Judy Bianco made selling my property simple and stress free. I initially had another agent/Broker who did nothing as far a I am concerned. I had a contract with the previous agent for 1 year with what I consider ZERO results. Because of this, I decided to try sell the property myself and had much better results by just using Zillow. THEN, I met Judy Bianco who was representing a client who was interested in my property. Her client did not purchase, but Judy then called me and asked if she could list the property and be my agent.
Meeting Judy and having her be my agent was the best decision that I had made when selling my property. We were always in communication via phone, email and texting. She always ask me my opinion before making a decision. Judy sold the property for more than what I was originally asking and did so in short order. The whole process was seamless and required little to no effort from me.
Judy Bianco is a great partner to have when you decide to buy or sell property. I will without any doubt, use her services again if and when needed.
Thank you Judy !"

M - 1/5/2021